Let us introduce ourselves :

Thierry Llorca, a Frenchman, is the head of the family. His wife and helpmate is Colette, a German , née Welcker from Mannheim.

“Co” means the rest of the family, of which only the cats Totem and Tipi are still living with us. You will meet them in the chapter about “Our cats”

Our son and daughter left the old home some years ago to found new ones with their partners, and have already added new members to the family.

We are retired now but we don’t live in retirement. Thierry manages the local environment association and Colette is busy keeping alive the relations with family in Germany and USA and with friends all over Europe.

In 1995 we started creating the garden around the new house, which became the first hobby we could really share. Come and visit in the chapter on “Our garden”. Only photographs up to now, no time yet to describe the "making of".

In 2006 we caught the genealogy bug. We discovered that our families litter Europe from Spain to Poland, and from northern Germany to the Mediterranean. Others went to America and Algeria. Share our discoveries via the “Our Genealogy” button.

Last but not least we decided to tell you the stories that have happened to members of the family over more than 300 years. Some of them written down, others handed down through oral tradition, the eldest ones discovered in church registers, museums and places in Germany, but all of them amusing, strange or dramatic: read them on “Our Family Histories”.

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